Friday, October 06, 2006

Financial Planning for Gay Couples

Today's MSN Money features this article, published by the Associated Press, outlining the basics and touching on the inequality experienced by gay couples in America.

The article stresses the importance of proper paperwork and documentation to protect individuals who are in long-term gay relationships.

I'm glad MSN posted the article, I'd like to see an entire series on financial advice for gay couples, or just gay people in general.

Financial Planning for Gay Couples: Legally, you're considered strangers, so the wisest course of action is to put everything -- everything -- in writing.

If you are in a relationship or plan to be at any point, you should not only read the article, but begin to think about what protections you need to secure your rights should a major change occur in the status of your relationship. More on this in upcoming posts. For now, check out the article. Then, remember to vote in November ... if you aren't registered to vote, NOW is the time to get registered. Right now. Today. It's important.


RedKoste said...
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RedKoste said...

Meant to comment earlier but this is a great reminder. Thanks for sharing it!