Thursday, October 12, 2006

Personal Finance Post at Queer Cents

Hey guys ... when you get a chance, check out my guest post at Queer Cents!


Kahunka said...

Hey JJ

I tried to sign up 5 times through your FeedBlitz and it said I had a fake email...hmmm not fake at all.

Thought you might like to know,


J.J. Jordan said...

Hmmmm ... not sure why that's happening ... I tried it with different e-mail addresses and it worked ok for me ... anyone else having the same issue?? JJ

Thadius Invictus said...

No problems, everything worked great for me.

Thanks for all this advice JJ. I am just new to blogging really. I am learning slowley. When I am ready and have the guts, I will put all this advice to good work. 'Till then though I will stick to good old Live Journal, LOL.

Thanks again.